About FON

Family Office Networks is a unique collection of different Family Offices located throughout the world that is able to bring the financial industry and financial professionals to various single family and multi-family office locations. We are able to offer a diverse list of financial management services to millions of wealthy individuals and their families.

Family Office Networks and our unique business concept has been around for centuries, allowing us to perfect wealth management and financial management for extremely wealthy individuals world wide. The present day Family Office Networks was first incorporated in the 19th century and includes some of the most renown financial service providers in the industry, like J.P Morgan. Interestingly, J.P Morgan was first started as a single family office under the House of Morgan. Because of the success rate of Family Office Networks, the Rockefellers established their own family office in 1982, which is still in business to this very day. The main objective of the family offices is to maintain and protect families that have large fortunes, trusts and successful family owned businesses. In addition, we offer our members effective and efficient ways to manage family fortunes through specific financial investments and charitable donations, while ensuring confidentiality, risk management consolidation and transparency. Family Office Networks offers two types of family offices for our members, a Single Family Office (SFO) and a Multi-Family Office (MFO).

Single Family Office
A single family office (SFO) is typically a private company charged with managing the investments and other matters for families of substantial wealth. Often, the family’s wealth has been compounding over several generations or more and the goal of the family office is to preserve and grow that wealth while simultaneously managing all family-related issues, including homes, staff and travel.

Multi-Family Office
Similar to a single family office, a multi-family office will handle the financial management affairs of multiple families. Some families may be connected to each other, while others will have no connection at all. A multi-family office will manage financial investments, trusts, estate responsibilities and fiduciary needs just like a single family office, only on a multi-family level. The majority of all MFO’s are not privately operated, but are specifically restricted to certain families.

Typically, an MFO starts out as an SFO. The transition from an SFO to an MFO is usually caused by additional families having access to a specific single family office because of its overall success. Additionally, scaled economies are generally always easy to accomplish through the specific structure of a multi-family office by advocating for more families to welcome others into their specific MFO organizational structure.