Client Spotlight: Axlen


Axlen is on a mission to radically change the economics of growing produce indoors by leveraging patented LED fixtures, IoT and AI to reduce operational costs and improve yield for growers. Customers benefit from enhanced profitability, healthier produce and significant return on investment.

As background, consider that 82 percent of North Americans live in urban areas and demand for farm to market produce is booming. Local food sales in the United States grew from $5 billion in 2008 to $20 billion in 2019. The North American indoor farming market alone is a $50 billion industry. CEA (controlled-environment agriculture) is growing fast and vertical growing is the fastest growing market segment.

As this fast paced growth trajectory continues, it is apparent that profitability is the major CEA challenge. Labor and energy costs are the main challenges and Axlen has the perfect solution. The Axlen Gro Platform is comprised of three distinct parts – horticulture fixtures, IoT Integration and AI-powered insights. The AxlenGro LED Fixture is protected by eight issues patents and the IoT network is protected by two pending patents. The company then adds an AI engine.

“The end result is more plants per square foot, enhanced photosynthesis, greater grower control, a fully integrated system for optimized grow decision making, and reduced operational expenses,” said CEO Joe Rosson. “Our future is bright.”

For information, visit or call 408-628-0361.