First Light Diagnostics

First Light Diagnostics has developed breakthrough automated products for rapid, sensitive and cost-effective diagnosis of life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant infections. Its innovative, rapid technology to get patients on the right antibiotic at the onset of infection is a game changer. In preparation for an FDA submission, First Light Diagnostics has begun to install systems at customer clinical study sites.  FDA clearance is expected around the end of 2019.

First Light’s MultiPath™ technology provides pathogen identification in 30 minutes and AST (Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test) results in four hours directly from the patient sample without culture, thereby enabling treatment decisions one or two days quicker than with traditional AST methods. This shorter time period is significant because it allows for the correct treatment to be administered during the onset of infection.

“Our products combine the clinical performance of the most advanced commercial laboratory tests with speed, cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use. The tests rapidly detect infections and determine effective targeted antibiotic therapy. This will improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and prevent inappropriate use of powerful antibiotics,” said President and CEO David Macdonald.

The Multipath™ Analyzer is a fully automated benchtop system that provides rapid “sample to answer” testing capabilities, without a time-consuming culture step.  It is designed to meet the demands of today’s busy laboratories who are challenged to provide results faster and with fewer resources. Lab technicians simply load the test cartridge on the analyzer and walk away. Specific benefits include:

High throughput:  Each MultiPath platform provides laboratories the horsepower to perform up to 200 pathogen identification tests or 40 antimicrobial susceptibility tests per 8-hour shift.  This supports the workflow of even the highest volume microbiology laboratories.

Fully automated: Covers the entire process from sample loading, barcode scanning, result reporting, LIS data transfer, and cartridge disposal.

Multi-sample testing:  Features a 20-sample capacity with continuous sample throughput capability.

Affordability:  The MultiPath analyzer is designed with value and performance in mind, and First Light tests offer labs a combination of high-performance and cost-effective testing capabilities.

On-demand testing: A true “load and go” testing system that is walk up ready when you need it.

Any test type at any time: A single cartridge design for the full menu of First Light tests.

Touchscreen operation: An intuitive yet powerful software user interface provides a simple, flexible user experience.

Connectivity: Supports bi-directional LIS connectivity, and USB ports for easy data transfer.

To learn more, visit or contact David Macdonald, President and CEO, First Light Diagnostics​ at [email protected] or 858-997-9641.