Choice Housing Investments (“CHI”) is the strategic capital partner of Vesta Corporation, a fully integrated developer, owner, and property manager of 10,000 apartment units in seven states plus Washington, DC. CHI was formed as an investment vehicle to raise and deploy equity in new Vesta acquisitions. In 2019, CHI deployed $28.8 MM across six property acquisitions totaling 1,400 apartment units.

Choice Housing Investments: Strong Returns in Multifamily Real Estate

Why Choice Housing Investments?
  • The most recent completed quarter, gross annualized Cash on Cash returns were at 12.5% and the Preferred Return was delivered to all investors
  • We continue to see opportunities for investment, yet are stable enough to be selective and not chase deals that have marginal returns
  • Despite the current crisis, multifamily real estate has been a safe harbor. For the past two months, despite COVID and the related crisis, collections and occupancy have remained strong, especially versus other real estate sectors.                    
The Future of Choice Housing Investments
CHI Fund I is currently raising additional capital to add two properties to the portfolio, enhancing diversity while maintaining strong returns. Investors are offered a Limited Partner position in this fund, which invests in multifamily real estate in two ways. First, Fund I is the General Partner of a Joint Venture that has deployed $28.8 MM in six multifamily properties in Texas (Dallas and San Antonio), totaling 1,400 apartment units. Additionally, Fund I is investing as the Limited Partner in direct acquisitions and has currently deployed $1.5 MM for this in two properties in New York (Albany area), totaling 200 apartment units. In total, Fund I have deployed $5.7 MM into a portfolio of eight properties, with a total of 1,600 apartment units. Choice Housing Investments, as the sponsor, has committed to hold greater than 10% of all acquisitions, and will hold greater than 50% of the for the eight properties currently in this portfolio.
The current raise is targeted at bringing in capital for the two New York properties that are being added to the portfolio. While some of this equity has already been raised, ChoiceHousing Investments, as the sponsor, has an interest in bringing in the balance of the $1.5 MM in the short term. Investors in Fund I will be invested in a mature portfolio of multifamily real estate that is fully occupied and delivering immediate returns.ChoiceHousing Investments offers investors the opportunity to receive immediate returns by participating in the ownership of existing multifamily real estate.