The Pelorus Fund is a cannabis-focused commercial real estate mortgage REIT with a target annualized yield of 15% IRR. The Fund achieved an annualized 15.5% IRR in 2019, and the mortgage REIT qualifies for a 20% federal tax savings with monthly distributions to the Members.

Q&A with Rob Sechrist the President of Pelorus Equity Group

What is happening now with Pelorus Equity Group
  • We have doubled our assets under management and expect to do it again by Q2.
  • We are seeing more attractive loans with higher yields and are scraping warrants on some transactions that are shared with our Fund Members.
  • We will discuss how COVID 19 effected the Pelorus Fund.
What does the future look like for Pelorus Equity Group
  • We believe we will continue to nearly double our assets under management each quarter. The Pelorus Fund makes monthly distributions delivering “near equity-like returns” by focusing on providing loans secured by commercial properties and allowing for cannabis-use tenants; we are non-plant touching.