Regenerative Medical Solutions is developing a revolutionary cell therapy targeting a cure for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

RMS: Addressing Diabetes, the Fastest Growing Disease in the World

  • Revolutionary cell therapy targeting a cure for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Successful demonstration of curative properties in animal models, with a human clinical trial targeted for 2021
  • Utilization of ethically derived human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC, non-embryonic), which have the potential for significant scaleup to reach greater patient populations while avoiding ethical concerns
  • RMS has been highly successful in obtaining significant non-dilutive capital from sources such as the NIH in order to supplement existing family office investors including Ratan Tata
  • RMS’ patented stem cell technology is built on over 20 years of research and unique scientific expertise
  • COVID-19 has demonstrated that diabetics are at significant risk for serious complications and death with the coronavirus, highlighting that diabetes puts significant parts of the population at risk
  • Diabetes affects an estimated 463 million people worldwide and will rise to 700 million by 2040 without intervention, thus illustrating the urgent need for a therapeutic solution from RMS
  • Diabetes and its complications are costing the world healthcare system an estimated $825 billion annually
  • Learn how RMS’ technology can significantly reduce the great financial burden globally
  • Every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes and continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing diseases
  • RMS’ therapeutic grade cells are directly analogous to the successful cadaveric islets procedure (insulin independence), but without the supply limitations, variability, high cost and inconsistencies of cadaver islets
  • Investments in companies that treat/monitor diabetes have produced extraordinary results…imagine the potential investment returns of a company that can cure diabetes