WealthMetrx: An Insights as a Service Company

WealthMetrx: An Insights as a Service Company

The mission of WealthMetrx is to help individuals, advisors and trustees optimize and demystify complex financial landscapes using illustrative reporting and analytics.  The process is completely objective and data driven with the sole purpose of providing invaluable insight to the user.

Most wealth management services inherently lack objectivity and are often hard to evaluate, monitor and benchmark. 

WealthMetrx acts as an overlay across the full spectrum of financial disciplines to ensure the client understands what they currently have, how that ranks relative to their peers and areas they can further improve.   

WealthMetrx is supported by a strong management team with a combined 35+ years of experience working in the family office industry.  They have a vast amount of experience working with highly complex financial structures, sensitive information and collaborating with a variety of third-party providers. 

WealthMetrx is backed and utilized by industry experts, including key individuals at some of the largest technology and investment firms in the world.

For more information, please contact Jonathon Hays, Head of Business Development: (858) 371-4900 or [email protected]

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