An Investment Opportunity in a 360-degree Entertainment Product

What makes a movie successful? Famous Names? A-listed stars? A huge budget? These factors may be helpful, but they certainly don’t guarantee success. Often, producing a movie with these components may even increase the level of risk of the investment.

Evidence shows that the popularity of a movie is not directly related to the number of famous people involved in the project. There has been a shift in audience preference. This can be seen with the Korean TV show, Squid Games. Budgeted at $21 million, the show has climbed to the top of the charts as the most famous and profitable entertainment project, with a value of $900 million. Unlike the recently released Marvel’s Eternals – a movie with a $200 million production budget, currently struggling with revenue generation despite its extensive group of A-list actors, and an Academy award-winning director. Looking at Squid Games versus Marvel’s Eternals, we can see the change in the criteria that leads to movie and TV success in today’s world. 

In North America, ‘Adventure’ is ranked as the most popular film genre, with total box office revenues of $59.79 billion. As a fantasy/adventure/sci-fi trilogy, Infinite Game has all the qualities that make a movie entertaining such as a gripping plot, excitement, drama, magical sceneries, LGBTQ+ representation, and various ethnic presences. But what brings the movie increased value is its capacity to develop into a 360-degree entertainment product.  

We designed Infinite Game as a franchise with several streams of income in addition to those earned at the box office. This strategy increases the number of viewers, adds additional income to the project, secures investments, and makes it a visible franchise that is exciting for people of diverse age groups and genders. 

Infinite Game is the perfect movie for families looking for entertainment and the fun doesn’t stop when the movie is over. Soundtracks and songs from the film will be made available through any streaming service. The Infinite Game clothing collection will be accessible for purchase through high street fashion brands. Kids and teens will be able to dive into the world of online games and Metaverse and purchase Infinite Game-themed skins and accessories. And finally, parents can enjoy Debsh; a premium vodka brand promoted in the film.

Infinite Game is more than just a movie. Using artificial intelligence, our social media and marketing teams will create an international group of dedicated fans waiting for the releaseWe are also collaborating with influencers and sponsors in various industries to push the word out about the movie and attract fans from multiple age groups and demographics. Infinite Game is designed to be an all-encompassing experience that approaches marketing the same way to reach fans across the world.

Because of the pandemic, streaming companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple, Disney, etc., are looking for new content beyond what is offered by movie theatres. People today are traveling less, so watching movies and TV shows have become an even more significant part of their lives. All streaming companies are currently looking for entertainment products and recently, there has been a growing demand for Canadian content. This makes our movie more attractive for the industry. In addition, our 360-degree product and our state-of-the-art AI offer us a better position to negotiate with distributors. 

All these factors bring us closer to our main objective; making Infinite Game a safe, secure, and profitable investment. All that’s left for you to do is join us.