Anthemis and Archer Gray Join Forces to Launch Anthemis Embedded Finance: Media Fund I (Media Fund I)

Anthemis and Archer Gray Join Forces to Launch
Anthemis Embedded Finance: Media Fund I (Media Fund I)

Anthemis, a leading global venture investment firm focused on fintech, has partnered with early stage technology investment firm Archer Gray to create Media Fund I, a $50 million fund that seeks to invest in 15-20 companies at the intersection of media and financial services to optimize tech-enabled shifts in the media industry. Media was one of the first sectors to be transformed by the digital revolution, and it’s proving to be fertile ground for scalable embedded finance applications, in particular as media creation and consumption have become so integral to daily life.

Media Fund I’s thesis is centered around The Attention Economy, Future of Work, Alternative Assets, Risk Management, Marketplaces, Data Monetization, and Privacy and Protection. The thesis spans all media verticals, but with a deeper focus on eSports, gaming, music, voice, on-demand audio, social media, mixed reality, and connected home & auto. The fund will invest in Pre-seed, Seed, and Series-A companies with an eye towards opportunistic follow-on investments.

Media Fund I’s Investment Team is comprised of a joint team from both Anthemis and Archer Gray led by three professionals – Vinay Singh, Mary Catherine Wilkison , and Dario de Wet – thus leveraging both the Anthemis and Archer Gray platforms.

Anthemis has $400m+ in assets under management. The firm is dedicated to investing in and building early stage fintech companies they believe will transform the financial services industry for the Information Age. Since 2010, Anthemis has made more than 90 investments and brings 150+ years of partner domain expertise. Anthemis offers strategic benefits for LPs in addition to generating compelling risk adjusted returns.  

Anthemis’ partner, Archer Gray, invests in early stage technology companies that are revolutionizing the media industry. In parallel, their content divisions create and amplify singular and compelling stories across different formats and diverse audiences. Archer Gray has partnered with industry-leading companies to create 15+ projects that have garnered four Oscar nominations, four Golden Globe nominations and won three Independent Spirit Awards. Both teams are committed to transforming the financial services and media industries through cross-pollination.   

To learn more about Media Fund I, contact Johnita Mizelle, Head of Investor Relations and Ecosystem Development, North America at [email protected].