Beyond Boundaries: Art Collecting in the Present

Beyond Boundaries: Art Collecting in the Present

By definition contemporary art refers to art that belongs to or is created in the present moment. Most of what is written and discussed on contemporary art is dedicated to the icons of the 20th Century: Picasso, Lichtenstein, Warhol as well as others who cross the boundaries such as Hirst, Koons, Kusama, Banksy. 

What about the art of today – the artists and artworks that are being produced that truly reflect the contemporary world?  With so much art and so many platforms it’s difficult to discern what will break through and achieve longevity.  That’s the privilege of working with today’s talent and future icons. 

Money is now the lifeblood of the artworld; it is the modern form of patronage making it essential for anyone putting together an art collection or buying for investment to pay attention to the new as well as the blue-chip. Often, there is a financial and cultural impact of overcoming the fear of buying the latest artworks. Today’s substantial artworks are available to a wider audience and represent a smart investment choice whether you’re a pure investor, passionate collector, supporter of the next generation of artists, or starting a collection for the first time. 

Highline Art Partners will host a series of exhibitions of today’s Contemporary artists from a new location in Palm Beach, Florida beginning with a solo show by British artist Juno Calypso. Having studied at Chelsea College of Arts, Juno has taken the art world by storm following several sold-out shows and volumes of media coverage.  She is the joint winner of the British Journal of Photography, International Photography Award and the Vic Odden Award from the Royal Photographic Society, and her art is collected by international collectors and museums. 

Her instantly recognizable style, often featuring herself, has been featured by global brands and talent such as Vogue, Burberry and Katy Perry.  In her own words, ‘I am trying to make a perfect photograph of a woman trying to create the perfect vision of herself’.

Juno Calypso.  Opens November 5, 2019,

Highline @ 211 RPW, 211 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach, 33480.  

Group Show including Will Martyr, from January 2020. 

For more information: [email protected] – (1) 561 331 2522