Client Spotlight: Ecellix Battery Innovations: Reimagining the Future of Batteries

Client Spotlight: Ecellix Battery Innovations: Reimagining the Future of Batteries

Founded in 2018 to commercialize a revolutionary battery anode material invented at Washington State University, Ecellix Battery Innovations developed the eCell™ Micro Energy Cores™ Future Battery Energy Framework to enable higher-energy, long lasting batteries for electric vehicle (EV) and consumer products. The company’s groundbreaking ultra-high capacity anode material supports next-gen lithium-ion batteries and represents the future of batteries.

The eCell Micro Energy Cores™ Framework offers lithium-ion battery makers the ability to deliver longer-lasting, faster charging, lighter weight batteries that meet the emerging demand for more energy. Key customer benefits include high-energy silicon anode material, tunable by application, and simple, scalable, low-cost manufacturing process using commodity materials.

The current battery anode material, graphite, has been in use since 1992, has limited energy capacity, and bulk prevents the addition of more energetic cathode materials, thus limiting the pace at which manufacturers can introduce next generation batteries. Importantly, eCell MEC anode material offers 5-7x more unit energy than graphite, is smaller and thinner than graphite, and at scale can be offered at a lower cost per unit of energy than graphite. Competing battery anode materials are all based on silicon and are derived from expensive nano-materials using complex fabrication processes that present engineering challenges to their adoption. eCell MEC anode material begins with commodity-grade materials that are micron-scale and provide all of nano-silicon’s benefits without the engineering complications.

“Our technology offers 30-50 percent higher energy and the cost is comparable to graphite anode and adaptable to any market segment. Therefore, we are an ideal solution for battery industry equipment manufacturers, third-party technology companies and fuel cell development partners,” said  Dr. Geoff Deane, Ecellix CTO.

Ecellix is led by an exceptional group of senior executives and technology leaders with an average of 25+ years of experience transforming Fortune 500 companies around the world. The team self-funded the venture for 18 months and at the end of 2018 opened up the first of two C-Note rounds raising approximately $1.6M. Stock sales are approximately $500,000 and the company is currently raising a $2M bridge round with common stock at $12M pre-money valuation. Ecellix is engaged in early discussions preparing for a Series A round that is projected to close in the second or third quarter of 2021 with a target raise of $10M-$12M. 

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