Corridor Ventures – An Entrepreneurial Real Estate Company

Corridor Ventures – An Entrepreneurial Real Estate Company

Corridor Ventures is a leading real estate investment, advisory, and management firm that acquires, finances, repositions, manages and sells multi-family and student housing assets across 16 Eastern, Southern and Midwestern states. 

Since inception 13 years ago, the company has invested a total of $630 million, including $175 million of equity raised, completed 60+ investments and generated weighted average returns of 17% IRR and a 1.6x multiple.

Corridor has owned 8000+ multifamily and student housing units and has sold to date 6000+ units. Average occupancy across the portfolio is 95%, with an operating expense to income ratio of 45% or less.

The company’s 200+ investors are high net worth accredited individuals, small family offices and private equity backed investment companies.

“We generate profits and increase asset value by investing in attractively priced, income-producing properties that meet strict underwriting criteria, and that we can improve through active, high quality property management, focusing on tenant service and quality apartment improvements,” said Company President Dan Joseph.

For information, contact Jeremy Greshin at 860-470-6693 or [email protected]