Distracted Driving Device – A Revolutionary New Way to Stop Texting and Driving

Distracted Driving Device – A Revolutionary New Way to Stop Texting and Driving

It’s no secret that technology has been a growing and important industry for both communication and information sharing around the world. We use our devices for almost everything in life – from keeping in touch with loved ones to watching live stream television – but unfortunately many of us spend too much time on our devices each day.

However positive technology can be, the level of attention that we pay to our devices and the distraction they cause when our attention should be on much more important things, such as driving, is alarming and extremely dangerous.

The mortality rate worldwide due to texting and driving has surpassed that of speeding and DUI combined. Indeed, every day more than 15 people are killed in the United States from texting and driving.

The Distracted Driving Device is the only device on the market that can truly stop texting and driving.

The administrator/owner of the vehicles or device has registered users and the vehicle will not start unless the cellular phone is in the glovebox or another secure area of the vehicle. 

Notifications are sent to the administrator/dispatch operator if the phone is removed from the dock, thus guaranteeing a safe driver. The DDD is Bluetooth-enabled and also provides access to music and GPS.

Importantly, the DDD also helps with insurance rates. As a certified safety device, it can save on average between 8-12 percent per year.

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