Family Office Banking

Family Office Banking

Barbara M. Gilbert, Vice President, Valley Bank, Proud Bankers of Family Office Networks, Barbara Gilbert has had over 25 years in wealth and banking experience and over 10 years, speaking on Family Office trends and studying their different models.

When you think about what really makes a good bank, or a good business, for that matter, it is all about the people and the service.  Why would Family Office Banking, be any different? A trusting relationship between our company and yours. You come first and should be able to expect transparency and truth.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, planning a wedding for your daughter, getting ready to send your children to college or taking care of an elder loved one, you should be able to speak with your banker for resources and whatever you need.

At Valley we handle all levels of banking, commercial and personal lending as well as all specialties such as 1031 exchange, HOA management, dual signing and nonprofit management.

Our footprint covers NY, NJ, FL, AL and we have a full international bank in Miami, FL.

Valley Bank is a Regional Bank, Headquartered in NJ, with approximately 38 Billion in assets. We help you succeed and help companies and communities grow!

In the coming weeks you will be hearing some interesting stories of how we have helped others with their lives, family foundations, companies and family offices, using  the many experience divisions of Valley.

Your well being is what matters to us at Valley Bank.

Please contact Barbara at 561- 356-5773 or [email protected], for any of your banking needs.