Family Office Networks Announces Miami Family Office Association

Family Office Networks Announces
Miami Family Office Association

MIAMI, FL – February 20, 2020 – Family Office Networks announced today the launch of The Miami Family Office Association led by Peter Apostol, President of Family Office Networks. Membership benefits include access to invitation-only family office events, thought leadership content via two weekly newsletters and a luxury magazine, one-on-one individual introductions, membership in the Greater Miami Investment Club, and more. 

Family offices, high net worth individuals and the top advisors who serve them are invited to join The Miami Family Office Association which has hosted events on a regular basis since 2016. Family Office Associations also will be launching soon in Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco and Denver. 

“Miami is a city near and dear to my heart having lived here for many years. The city has seen unprecedented growth over the last decade and that trend shows no signs or relenting right now. Miami also occupies a unique niche as a window to South and Latin American wealth, families, and other opportunities. Miami has not been an easy city for FON to build a community in and I’m thrilled to be here working with a great team. We continue to grow and build out Miami with an incredible board and even more incredible relationships,” said Apostol.

“Family Office Networks has been active in the Miami family office community for many years so we’re well known among local families who depend on us to provide important news, information, and other resources to help them access investment opportunities, luxury goods and services, and networking with other family offices,” said Andrew Schneider, Founder and President of Family Office Networks.

For information about joining the Miami Family Office Association or to be invited to the next upcoming event, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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