Family Office Networks Launches The LatAm Art Fund LP

Family Office Networks Launches The LatAm Art Fund LP

Palm Beach, FL – (September 23, 2021) – Family Office Networks announced today a strategic partnership to launch the LATAM Art Fund LP as a $50 million Delaware-based fund dedicated to investing in blue-chip and emerging unicorn artists from Latin America as well as digitalized art-related assets. 

The LATAM Art Fund LP is unique in fusing physical with digital art opportunity as well as adopting a disciplined Fund and risk management framework. The Fund has an experienced executive team with a strong track record in LATAM investment as well as a high-quality art advisory committee. The Fund aims to achieve a return of at least 9 percent.

“Art is under-owned versus other asset classes despite generating high uncorrelated, low-risk, inflation-hedged returns. Latin American art is especially under-owned and undervalued versus works from the developed world given its quality heritage. This includes many Latin American women artists. Art is attracting forceful demand from changing global demographics and tastes and technological trends,” said Fund Manager Paul Hollingworth.

“Art is undergoing a “Big Bang” by transitioning away from a complex and expensive ecosystem towards a simpler and more transparent marketplace. Digitalization, Blockchain, on-line activity, VR/AR, AI, DEFI, Fintech, and Tokenization are just a part of the structural transformation underway.  A market calculated at US$1.7trillion has the potential to double and triple in size over the coming years,” said Family Office Networks Founder and CEO Andrew Schneider. “Family Office Networks is unique in that it has the strongest distribution network of family offices seeking to allocate to new funds.”                                       

For information on the new Fund, please contact [email protected] 

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