Get off the grid – be the change – A revolutionary investment opportunity

Enviro power solutions

Get off the grid – be the change- A revolutionary investment opportunity

Enviro Power Solutions (“EPS” or the “Company”) will revolutionize the Distributed Energy (“DE”) generation sector by becoming the pre-eminent leader in the development and production of small scale, very efficient, low emission turbine engines that utilize a variety of gas, liquid and solid waste fuels.

The Company is seeking up to US$18.0 million to complete development and begin commercialization of its 1.6 MW gas turbine engine and its 1.2 MW Solid Waste Biomass turbine engine in return for up to 45.0% of its Common Share Equity and two of the five Board of Director seats.

EPS’s ground-breaking technology is the development of an advanced intercooled, recuperated turbine engine, optimized for small power generation. This turbine engine is portable (only 15’ X 7’ X 8’) and light weight. It is designed to fit on a flatbed truck or inside a 20 ft. shipping container to be transported to where the fuel source is located or where the power is required. These turbines are scalable up to 5.0 MW and can be placed in series to form power sub-stations to accommodate DE total demand of 20 MW of required power per sub-station.

EPS is creating two turbine engines using the same core technology. Our gas turbine that will run on any form of liquid or gaseous fuel including natural gas, hydrogen, methane gas, hydrogen, high sulphur sour gas, propane, synthetic gas or even bio-diesel. Our biomass turbine that will operate on any form of solid waste biomass, such as wood chips, wood pellets, bagasse, cellulosic landfill trash, animal and waste-water treatment residues, manufacturing process waste streams and algae. The EPS biomass technology has been identified as a “game changer” by potential customers. No other comparable turbine engine exists today in the DE market, in terms of price point and efficiency with the ability to process various biomass fuel streams.

The energy produced by one EPS turbine will generate enough electricity to power 500-700 homes, or an office complex, or a small educational facility, a hospital or a shopping mall. After investing more than 7,400 man hours, the Brayton Energy engineering professionals have developed a revolutionary turbine engine capable of achieving a heat rate of only 8,405 BTU/hr/MW). The target is to exceed current reciprocating engines (recips) standards (currently the preferred engine in this 1- 3 MW power range) in three key areas: higher operating efficiency, lower ongoing operating and maintenance costs and lower exhaust emissions.

Two prospective customers have signed Letters of Intent to EPS and are eager to purchase significant quantities of both models. Other potential customers have expressed interest as well.

Although Enviro Power Solutions predominantly markets itself as providing primary power, they will have the ability to provide necessary back-up systems for the DE market when the sun isn’t shining and when the wind isn’t blowing!

The future revenues of Enviro Power Solutions will not just come from selling turbines, we want to sell primary power to end users, including small and remote communities. The Enviro Power Solutions model includes selling energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) and utilizing capacity, back-up power contracts.


A small group of investors has already invested U.S 4.5 million in cash and $1.5 in in kind contributions by preferred shareholders. EPS has now completed a detailed seven-year financial projection and cash flow model requiring additional cash injections totalling US $18.0 million for 10 calendar quarters.  This model anticipates that EPS will be cash flow positive, producing revenue and commencing commercialization 2.5 years after receipt of the first tranche of this new capital raise.

Why EPS?

-Within the energy market sector, Renewable Energy – especially Distributed Generation – is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors as consumers seek greater sustainability in the form of better reliability, lower costs and improved environmental attributes.

-Strong, experienced engineering team with a deep understanding of gas and biomass turbine technology

-EPS turbines have been designed to deliver an economically and environmentally attractive alternative to diesel burning recips in a high-volume, high-growth, and high-margin market segment.

-Sustainable Energy investments are seen as increasingly attractive by private, institutional and strategic investors, family offices and related investment funds.

-Significant demand in developed and developing nations evidenced by customer LOI’s with numerous and diverse potential end-users worldwide. We have customers waiting!!!

-The EPS Biomass Turbine has been identified as a “game changer” by turbine industry experts.

-No comparable multi-fuel turbine engine exists with such high efficiency ratings in this power class.

-EPS has been granted exclusive access to the patents on the enabling technology for DE power production through a 20-year royalty-free licence arrangement.

-Assembly of EPS engines can (and will) be decentralized, cost-effectively and with no compromise on quality, bringing improved access to markets.

For more information on this exciting opportunity please contact Michael Daly, Enviro Power Solutions’ CEO at [email protected].  Please also visit our website

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