Get off the Grid!!! – The Future of Power Generation

A Greener and More Cost Efficient Power Alternative

EPS Holdings Ltd. (“EPS”) is a privately held, technology driven company that is focused on developing new power solutions through the manufacturing of highly efficient, re-engineered, small sized turbine engines for use in the Distributed Energy (“DE”) sector.  DE is where the end power users effectively “go off the power grid” to produce their own electricity, independent of large central power stations and without a large aging power line distribution system.

EPS’s ground-breaking technology is the development of an advanced intercooled, recuperated  turbine engine, optimized for small power generation while utilizing waste heat to generate usable heating. By using this system, EPS has been able to replicate the significantly higher efficiencies of much larger turbines (in excess of 75MW) into EPS’ smaller size turbines (under 5 MW).

These engines are portable (only 15’ X 7’ X 8’) and lightweight. They are designed to fit on a flatbed truck or inside a standard 20 ft. shipping container to be transported to where the fuel source is located or where the power is required. These turbines are scalable up to 5.0 MW and can be placed in series to form 20 MW power sub-stations.

The energy produced by just one EPS turbine will generate enough electricity to power 500-700 homes, an office complex, a university, a hospital or shopping mall. If necessary, more than one engine can be used. This makes these engines a wonderful source of primary power, enabling commercial, industrial and retail sectors to enjoy the benefits of not only significant cost savings but also substantial emission reductions.

After investing more than 7,400 man hours, EPS is now creating two products using the same core turbine engine technology to produce primary power – not just back-up power. Using a high commonality of parts, one version will be a Multi-Fuel 1.6 MW turbine that will run on any form of liquid or gaseous fuel including natural gas, propane, methane gas, high sulphur sour gas, synthetic gas or even bio-diesel. The other model will be a 1.2 MW Solid Waste Biomass turbine that will operate on any form of solid waste biomass, such as wood chips, wood pellets, bagasse, animal/commercial waste or algae.  

The EPS Biomass technology has been identified as a “game changer” by potential customers.  This model will be the first and only direct thermal extraction solution available in the emerging market space for turbine biomass-to-energy conversion.  No other comparable turbine engine exists today in the DE market, in terms of price point and efficiency.

Through their philanthropic goals, EPS is also committed to ensuring all end users, especially those in developing countries, have access to clean, reliable power at affordable prices.  Imagine the possibilities of producing electricity in rural Africa, using locally obtained biomass energy sources to provide local villages access to clean water, power to run a school and a hospital clinic, and to give the power of the internet to the community.

EPS has been granted exclusive access to the patents and other intellectual property on the enabling technology for their turbines through a long term, royalty-free license arrangement with their design and engineering team, Brayton Energy which is located in New Hampshire. EPS has built and tested a ¼ scale model of the biomass combustion chamber for the biomass turbine with highly favorable operating and emissions results.

Two prospective customers have signed Letters of Intent with EPS and are eager to purchase significant quantities of both models. Other potential customers have expressed interest as well.

EPS is currently working on their next funding round of U.S. $18 million. They have closed U.S. $6 million to date.

For more information please contact EPS President and CEO, Michael Daly, at [email protected].