Inner Workings of a Child’s Brain

Inner Workings of a Child’s Brain

The human brain is the central computer system when it comes to the functioning of the body. It is calculating millions of different activities every second that take the form of electrical impulses that travel throughout the nerves in our body to form all of the actions we take. The brain is incredibly sensitive to all types of input such as the media we consume, food we eat, people we surround ourselves with, and more. This is a process called Neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to repair and reshape itself based upon how it is utilized. This can be extremely beneficial or detrimental based upon the decisions we make throughout the course of the day.

The phenomenon of Neuroplasticity is what dictates a child’s development throughout their first years on earth, all the way through early adulthood and beyond. Various hypotheses speculate that the brain does not fully develop until the age of 25 or older. With this level of sensitivity it is imperative that children engage in healthy habits early on in life to help the development of their brain in a positive way. It is ultimately the responsibility of the parents and faculty in schools that are present in the lives of children to set positive examples for the children they serve. A child does not know right from wrong, good from bad, positive from negative, or really how to navigate through this confusing world.

Rates of Mental Illness amongst young children around the world are rising at a rapid rate. This growing dilemma has one primary problem that society is failing to address: quality education around health and wellness. People cannot be expected to maintain good health when they are not given the tools to do so. There are a growing number of integrative healthcare practitioners popping up that focus on disease prevention. These providers are predominantly out of network with insurance companies, making them a discretionary expense that is a luxury to most people. Many different resources provide generic wellness information on diet, exercise, supplements, and other areas claiming they have the best solution, when the advice is not applicable to all people. It can get very confusing trying to sift through all of this information figuring out what is right and wrong.

There is an increased awareness in society these days about the importance of wellness, but still a great deal of confusion amongst adults. As stressors of life continue to increase, parents are having a harder time juggling their professional responsibilities while raising their families. From a child’s perspective, they are a direct mirror of many habits that their parents display on a daily basis. When parents are not aware of how their words, actions, and emotions affect their children, it can have a negative impact on their wellbeing that may lead to mental illness in more extreme cases. When children begin to act out and parents are not properly educated on what to do, the situation can worsen if it is not handled with care. The next course of action often involves taking the child to the doctor since the parents think there is something wrong with the child. The first line of defense when it comes to Mental Health in Western Medicine is pharmaceutical medication, which fails to address the underlying causes of mental illness. Unfortunately, the wrong medication given to a child may have a negative impact on the development of their brain, leading to even more problems long term.

It is The SoulPhysio Foundation’s mission to combat Mental and Neurological Illness in children by doing research and creating wellness programs that work to address the root cause of disease using natural methods. These methods include nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, and more treatments that help to boost brain function in addition to improving cellular health. They have 2 clinics based in Orange County, CA focused on Brain Health and Eastern Medicine. SoulPhysio is currently looking to raise $1.5M by the end of 2020 to construct an online learning platform that will make quality wellness education available to inner city schools and families. They will also be conducting clinical trials on children with Autism, taking a deeper look at the underlying causes. SoulPhysio is going to be filming an Autism Awareness Documentary showcasing their research as well as interviewing various experts to explore what the future of Autism treatment will look like.