Innovative Medicine Partners LLC — Innovators in the Field of ObGyn/Infertility

Our world renown team of innovators in the field of ObGyn/Infertility has groundbreaking research that supports new clinical procedures and devices that will change lives struggling with infertility. 

These two innovations represent a $1.5 billion + potential annual revenue stream.

Innovative Medicine Partners LLC is a dynamic and collaborative network of medical visionaries working together globally to innovate medical devices and procedures. The company’s executive management team has a combined 200+years of experience in medical/surgical innovation. This unparalleled experience enables it to take concepts to completion in order to change the world of medicine.

Currently, Innovative Medicine Partners LLC has multiple active projects at various stages of development.  Each of these projects are placed into their own subsidiary LLC along with their respective intellectual property.

InnoMed One LLC and InnoMed Five LLC are both groundbreaking and life changing projects in the field of (Advancement in Infertility) that are both in various stages of FDA and clinical study work requirements.  Funding at this stage is needed for continued advancement in the patent portfolio, FDA requirements and testing, production of devices, clinical study and general corporate use. All the above is required in order to complete the projects and get them “ market ready” so that global medical device manufacturers will have an interest in acquiring both technologies.

For more information, call:Peter T Falkner, CRS CMD – Innovative Medicine Partners LLC at 251.680.7664 or email [email protected]