Member Profile – SCENES™ Media

Member Profile – SCENES™ Media

The music industry is one of the hardest hit businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all artists these days, even those with very high profiles, rely on touring for their income. With club dates and tour dates canceled, the Internet audience for online music and culture continues to explode. Indeed, every crisis presents opportunity and Scenes Media is dedicated to helping artists through this difficult period while growing its already robust audience substantially.

Scenes Media provides a pathway for emerging artists to become break-out stars and also works with seasoned talents, including stars, celebrities and consummate professionals, to produce video podcasts, broadcast quality programming and more. The company’s goal is to transport people into the diverse worlds of entertainment, including music, film and television, comedy, culture, fashion and more. Wherever there’s a creative endeavor that passionate fans want to be part of, Scenes takes you there, providing uniquely intimate encounters with fascinating artists.

High-profile artists, like Brett Kissel and Donovan Woods, each with over 1 million monthly Spotify listeners, are eager to do a Scenes Live Session to bring their talents to people who are in great need of entertainment. These artists need a way to stay in touch with their audiences and recognize Scenes Live Sessions are a means to do that, especially at this turbulent time.

Another important Scenes initiative is partnering with the many restaurant businesses that are trying to survive through online orders and delivery services. Scenes is negotiating an advertising agreement with LIME – Fresh Mexican Grill, based in South Florida, and seeks to do the same with other chains across the country.

“We are dedicated to providing entertainment of substance. Our goal is to elevate talented groups and individuals in every Scene, giving our audience the chance to join them on their journeys, as we delight in their work and explore our world together,” said Harold Fickett, Scenes Media’s CEO & Publisher.

Scenes has just booked artist Thunderstorm Artis who’s a current contestant on this season of The Voice. His blind audition, which The Voice put on their YouTube channel, has over five million views. You can see that video here: For information, call Harold at (404) 903-3830 or email [email protected]