OXIO Health, Inc. – Accelerating Healthcare Solutions

OXIO Health, Inc. – Accelerating Healthcare Solutions

OXIO Health is a South Florida-based incubator/accelerator dedicated to reducing today’s steady rise in global healthcare costs worldwide. The OXIO team collaborates with other innovators and entrepreneurs via its Healthcare Ecosystem Platform which invests in the diverse healthcare market.

The platform currently has five companies in the portfolio that are all synergistic and well-positioned to leverage each other’s product or service, thus providing an extraordinary Value Proposition, yet offering a wide range of risk tolerance. Collectively, these enterprises address high-level technology opportunities including artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive medicine, as well as more traditional patient care management; hence, the diversity and the broad market opportunity.

“As far back as 2016, the World Health Organization reported that the world spent $7.5 trillion USD on health and healthcare representing nearly 10% of the total Global GDP. Providing healthcare to an increasingly aging population in the developed nations is becoming progressively costlier and, in some cases, in the developing world, it is now an immediate crisis. Over the next three decades, the forecasts predict that public spending on our senior and elderly population alone will increase dramatically, as a percentage of GDP in the United States, France, UK, EU, China, South Korea and Japan. We’re poised to bring technology-infused change that will empower healthcare worldwide to be available more broadly at better quality and a lower cost,” said President Noel J. Guillama.

OXIO is supported by a strong management team with collective experience taking six companies public via IPO, reverse merger or direct, deep experience in technology and healthcare combined with a strong intellectual property base consisting of 17 licensed (issued) US patents and an additional 19 patents pending, numerous trademarks, and a commercialized Electronic Health Record company. These assets position OXIO as a strong contender to revolutionize healthcare in the U.S. and globally, including opportunities in China and the UAE.

For more information, visit OXIOHealth.io or contact Carl Larsen Vice President at +1-561-904-9477 ext. # 301 or [email protected]

The Company will be seeking funding to execute its business plans in the near future.

OXIO’s Portfolio of Companies Include: