Putting People & their Passions FIRST is key for FinTech & Neobank TAPanGO

Putting People & their Passions FIRST is key for FinTech & Neobank TAPanGO

The internet, the worldwide web, provides access to everything – sometimes too much everything – too much of everything you’re not really interested in, making scrolling past advertisements and searching for what you really care about exhausting.  And if you are in business, how do you reach the people who truly are potential customers, who really do care about what you are offering?

Accenture surveyed 8,000 consumers from the US, Canada, and Europe about their preferences and expectations when it comes to interacting with brands, retailers and service providers
(https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/PDF-77/Accenture-Pulse-Survey.pdf).  91% said that they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. 

What if we started there, rather than using a blunderbuss to scatter advertising all over disinterested maybes hoping to make contact with someone, anyone, in the potential target audience?  TAPanGO Technologies Inc. is preparing to do just that.  TAPanGO provide platforms for large niche communities of people sharing common passions to focus on what is relevant, and what moves them.  TAPanGO’s flagship program, ATHLETICA Rewards, for instance, unites members who are passionate about sport and living an active and healthy lifestyle and the merchants, events and associations that support them.   

ATHLETICA Rewards members share what sports and activities they are interested in up front and are connected with the businesses that will provide them with products and services that are relevant to them.   

Accenture’s findings encourage this open request for data with 83% of consumers surveyed saying that they are willing to share their data to create a more a personalized experience, and 74% said they would find “living profiles” – essentially a self-service preference center to provide customers complete personal data control from a single portal, accessible from any device or platform – valuable if they could be used to curate the experiences, offers, and products they receive.

Businesses participating in the ATHLETCA Rewards program are able to communicate with their target audience directly, respecting member permissions and their preferences for delivery of information, marketing, and other relevant content.   Businesses only pay when a purchase is made.  Members earn cash rewards on their purchases and can spend them at any participating merchant.  The cash rewards are accumulated in an eWallet/prepaid debit card, the NeoBank part of the program, wherein TAPanGO provides the mobile/web interface and wrapper around select products of the sponsoring licensed bank or trust company.

ATHLETICA Rewards members would rather be taking turns drafting on a bike with their friends, conquering rapids in a canoe, or leaving their mark on a slope covered in fresh powder than spending time searching on their phones or laptops or in stores.  ATHLETICA Rewards will to help them get back there – fast. Find it, buy it, get rewarded, and hit the road, river or trail.

Find out more about TAPanGO Technologies Inc. including ATHLETICA Rewards and its other programs on August 31st, 2021 at 1 pm ET.