The Kids Cancer Foundation: Dedicated to our Little Warriors

The Kids Cancer Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) charity that provides hope and support to children and families in Palm Beach County battling childhood cancer and/or a blood disorder. The Foundation accomplishes this by providing these children and families with compassionate, easily accessible supportive care services.

“Family offices have traditionally been large donors to charities nationwide and we receive many inquiries throughout the year from families asking for recommendations on worthwhile non-profits that need their support. The Kids Cancer Foundation is a group that’s always at the top of my list to recommend,” said Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO of Family Office Networks.

Cancer is the leading cause of death related to disease in children ages one to nineteen. There are approximately 15,780 new cases of pediatric cancer diagnosed in the USA each year. Cure rates for all types of childhood cancer now average over 80%. According to the Florida Association of Pediatric Tumor Programs (FAPTP) the 3rd largest percentage of children diagnosed with cancer in the state reside here in Palm Beach County.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer life changes; chemotherapy, doctor visits, hospital visits soon consume their lives and the effect on the entire family is dramatic. Doctors and nurses provide medical care, but families need more to get through this stressful and terrifying time in their lives. The Kids Cancer Foundation provides the comprehensive and supportive assistance families need. It educates families about their child’s diagnosis and treatment and provides the physical, emotional and financial support that the children and families need throughout this difficult journey.

The Kids Cancer Foundation has the dedication, knowledge and resources to assist families during this difficult time and actively advocates for the children and their families throughout treatment and beyond. The Kids Cancer Foundation works collaboratively with the medical team and coordinates local, state and national resources with the services we provide to ensure that the needs of the patients and families are met. This coordination of education and support is critical, as it has been shown to increase both a child’s quality of life and chance of survival.

For information or to make a donation, contact Michelle O’Boyle RN, CPON, Founder/Executive Director, Kids Cancer Foundation, EIN: 01-0551879, 561-371-1298, [email protected]

“Real Super Heroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles”