The Mindful Classroom Program – Training the Brain to Strive for Gain

The Mindful Classroom Program – Training the Brain to Strive for Gain

The SoulPhysio Foundation’s Mindful Classroom is dedicated to making wellness services available to underprivileged children, families, and schools who are not covered by insurance.

“Living a healthy lifestyle should not be a luxury. It’s a necessity for everybody on this planet. The first step towards living a healthy lifestyle involves quality education around habits that are not healthy. As long as people are unaware of harmful behaviors due to a lack of education, it becomes very difficult to make any lasting efforts towards improving the function of their brain over the course of their lifetime,” said Founder Aneesh Chaudhry.

The basic premise of the Mindful Classroom project is the fact that the human brain is at the center of every single bodily process that occurs throughout the course of the day. It responds to every thought, feeling, emotion, and action that occurs in our lives in either a positive or negative way. With this degree of sensitivity, there is a large gap in terms of how our actions affect the health of our brain. The most susceptible population to this concept is children, because their brains are growing at an accelerated rate as they are going through school. Children in today’s day in age are suffering from increased rates of obesity, mental illness, Autism, and a variety of other conditions that are heavily influenced by their environment.

“Because today’s society places such a high emphasis on educating children about topics such as science, math, history, and English, it tends to neglect the most important subject of them all: Health and Wellness. The two primary groups of people that spend the most time with children as they grow up are their parents and their teachers in school. The parents and faculty of schools are ultimately the gatekeepers for a child’s wellness because they look up to their elders to guide them through the key developmental stages of their life. The Mindful Classroom seeks to address this gap in education by creating an online school built for parents, faculty, and children that teaches them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to build a healthy brain,” Chaudhry said.

The SoulPhysio Foundation plans to raise capital in 2021 to help kickstart their operations and begin making an impact in the community. Their initial project involves building a virtual wellness school focused on teaching parents and faculty of schools how to build brain healthy habits for themselves and the children they serve with a focus on inner-city children in need. In addition to the online wellness school, they are planning to run two clinical trials taking a deeper look at the underlying causes of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). The studies will evaluate how progressive treatments targeting underlying imbalances in children on the spectrum can be used to help to improve their quality of life. The Foundation will film a feature length documentary showcasing the family’s journey through the studies and bring in experts in the field of Autism for a series of interviews. The long-term goal is to get the documentary on Netflix to help educate millions of people about the struggles that children with Autism face in their lives. 

For information, call 949-748-0136 or email Aneesh Chaudhry at [email protected].