The Rise of Family Office Investment Clubs

Palm Beach, FL – (August 9, 2019) – Family Office Networks announced today that it has launched new Investment Clubs to help its members share investment ideas, experiences, education and information in a confidential setting.

“For generations, family offices have invested in alternative investments such as real estate, private equity and venture capital as a means of growing and preserving their wealth for future generations. Historically, word of mouth and idea-sharing served as the optimal lead generator as families turned to friends and other family members to identify best in class deal flow and ultimately invest in top tier deals. Our new investment clubs take this a giant step forward,” said Family Office Networks Founder and CEO Andrew Schneider.

The new Family Office Investment Clubs introduced by Family Office Networks now offer families with a typical minimum net worth of $50 million the opportunity to join clubs that reflect their areas of interest, including regional groups such as the Palm Beach Investment Club and newly launched specialty clubs for Women, Art and more. As an example, the Palm Beach Investment Club enjoys a strong membership base of 20-25 family offices representing families from around the country whose wealth is derived from a variety of industries, businesses and legacies. The Club meets or speaks weekly or monthly, depending who is available at various times throughout the year.

“We’re finding that some families elect to co-invest in private placement deals outside of the club and that trend seems to be on the upswing. Since family offices are able to do due diligence more efficiently and act more quickly than institutional investors, the lead time to get deals done is typically shorter, which members and issuers appreciate,” said Schneider. “We expect the number of investment clubs to double in the next few years as more families are working together. In Palm Beach alone, I have seen many examples of families working together and this is why we are helping the fragmented industry get better. We plan to roll out investment clubs in all of our locations with the goal of having 25-50 qualified members.”

Family Office Networks is unique in that it has the strongest distribution network of family offices seeking to allocate which is a proven competitive advantage and these new Investment Clubs bring investors together with the intent of getting deals funded and closed in a more efficient manner. Typical deals range from $20-$100 million and span various industries.

The process of joining an investment club begins with online registration at which is free to qualified and fully vetted family offices who meet our strict qualifications. There are no dues or membership fees. Once approved, Investment Club members are part of a tight knit group of their peers and benefit from regular meetings, specialized publications, thought leadership, proprietary deal access, exclusive events, valuable discounts, and more.

In addition to the new clubs for Palm Beach, Women and Art, the line-up of Investment Clubs includes: Biotech, Boston, Canada, Cannabis, Financial Services, Harvard, Houston, Ivy League, Luxury, New York City, Real Estate, Silicon Valley, Technology and Texas. Additional Clubs will be added throughout the year and interested families are encouraged to suggest new ideas. Issuers are also invited to inquire about participating in Family Office Networks’ new Investment Clubs since families continually seek exposure to new offerings.

For any questions or information on joining any of Family Office Networks’ new Family Office Investment Clubs, please contact Andrew Schneider at [email protected] or 561-906-1181.

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