VeriJet: The Private Jet Revolution

VeriJet: The Private Jet Revolution

“VeriJet is the culmination of a decades long journey to increase the effective speed door to door, reduce carbon and noise footprint and open private aviation to more people, thus unlocking the fourth wave of high-speed travel.” – Richard Kane, Founder & CEO of VeriJet

With coronavirus fears fueling the demand for private jet aviation, carriers in the $10 billion+ industry are at 150%+ occupancy as family offices and others seek solutions for safe travel and counter cyclical investment opportunities. Family Office Networks provides unparalleled access to private aviation companies, including member rates and priority to access flights as well as investment opportunities.

As the leading environmentally friendly offering, VeriJet is doing its part to reduce the carbon footprint by operating a radically efficient new jet design saving one ton of CO2 per flight segment as compared to other light jets that burn 2-3x the amount of fuel.  The company focuses on the short haul charter travel market, as defined by trips of 600 or less nautical miles, which represents a $7.5 billion opportunity as measured by fight hours. It has the right equipment for the mission with unmatched convenience, efficiency and price point.   Further, Verijet will be rolling out biodiesel options with aircraft that are already approved to fly on four types of biodiesel. Importantly, VeriJet utilizes KNWN facial recognition to power electronic boarding passes and securely link the pilot, plane and passenger.

“We’re seeing an influx of travelers who need to travel but wish to bypass the contagions and inconveniences of the per seat or hub and spoke models.   Business travelers who need to make quick trips from South Florida to Atlanta or Tallahassee and return same day as well as families seeking safe passage are best served by private travel. In today’s era of uncertainty, we’re well-positioned to help people and their pets get to their destinations faster, more safely and more cost effectively, while minimizing the carbon footprint,” said VeriJet CEO Richard Kane. “Importantly, we utilize the same UV-sterilization equipment used in ambulances whereby a box inside the jet sterilizes the plane to a medical level between flights and the entire plane is dedicated exclusively to your party.  Safe, convenient, on demand travel.”

VeriJet will be operating on an industry proven AI routing platform – ensuring profitable, efficient use of its aircraft with dependable and scalable sources of demand.  VeriJet’ s jet aircraft have a unique Safe Return capability that can auto land the jet without pilot assistance.  VeriJet’ s entire fleet has in integrated whole airframe parachute system in case of true emergency, and state of the art safety features unavailable with any other leading private jet carrier. 

In keeping with the company’s commitment to social responsibility, Verijet supports programs such as EAA Young Eagles, Girl Venture, Women’s Air Race Classic, STEM, Aviation Merit Badges, and PBC Aviation Programs with the intent of making more pilots and giving kids choices.  Verijet will donate empty legs to move an animal for adoption (Pilots and Paws) or a service dog for placement (New Horizons) or an honor flight for a serviceman. VeriJet’ s goal is to have no fewer than 20 percent female pilots, three times the industry average. Importantly, Richard Kane serves on the board of the Lindbergh Foundation – pursuing a global program of radical decarbonization and noise reduction in aviation while showcasing breakthrough innovation. Erik Lindbergh serves on VeriJet’ s board.  

“Our advantage is four times the door to door speed, one-third of the carbon footprint, unprecedented safety and a fraction of the cost of typical charter,” Kane said.

For information on investing in VeriJet, contact Richard Kane at [email protected].