Vivaris Capital Launches VICAN Fund

New Multi-Strategy Fund Will Invest in Hybrid Hedge and Private Equity Structure

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vivaris Capital, LLC , an alternative assets investment manager, announced today the launch of its new, multi-strategy fund offering hybrid hedge and private equity structures, VICAN Fund. The VICAN Fund will provide investors with access to institutional quality alternative investments with high-growth, high-return potential while securing their principal. It is being launched with Vivaris’ investment partner, HedgeACT. The Fund is attracting strong interest from family offices, high net worth private investors and institutions. It plans to raise $150 million this year and is targeting $500 million.

The VICAN Fund is led by President and Chief Executive Officer J. Christopher Mizer, a 25-year veteran of the alternative investment industry who founded Vivaris Capital in 1998 to invest in and acquire middle-market businesses in a broad range of industries that are leaders in their market niches. He is supported by an eight-member team that includes leading physicians, environmental and climate technology experts, alternative investment professionals, and global finance and business specialists. The VICAN Fund is primarily focused on building businesses in climate tech and life sciences, where the principals anticipate adoption of new technologies will drive growth and create value.

As Vivaris’ investment partner for VICAN Fund, HedgeACT supports the Fund as its primary investment partner for allocation to principal security, including non-traditional, non-correlated markets such as life settlements, medical receivables, and insurance products. Investments are fully secured, non-leveraged, and allow for the return of principal amount at the end of a 5-7 year term. Underwriting is designed to give investors a 15% annualized return on investment plus additional upside from interest, dividends, share redemption, and capital appreciation. VICAN also allows mission-based investors to support innovative approaches to addressing unmet social needs while protecting their principal investment. 

“We aim to be the disruptor the industry needs at a time when investors seek the security of an investment grade instrument combined with the upside associated with private equity. We secure the repayment of principal by investing in a diversified portfolio of investment grade securities that collateralize the portfolio, and the difference between the cost of the principal security portfolio and their face amount at maturity is invested in alternative asset opportunities with high return potential. The result is superior returns on a risk adjusted basis for investors,” said Mizer.

The firm has retained top tier service providers including NAV Consulting, Inc. as fund administrator and Marcum, LLP as auditor.

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