Vizcaya Summit Hosted in Miami: Season’s Greetings from Sargent McCormick

Vizcaya Summit Hosted in Miami: Season’s Greetings from Sargent McCormick

Season’s greetings from Palm Beach! It’s great to be back for the holidays and I am looking forward to a robust 2020.

Last Monday in Miami, the Family Office Network and I wrapped up an inspiring event called the Vizcaya Investment Summit.  The goal is to create the best monthly investment event series in Florida featuring leading speakers, private roundtables, lunches, and so on.  The retreat saw a large audience of about 115 individuals—coming from the hedge fund, private equity, and venture worlds—all of whom we’re very enthusiastic about being integral participants of future Vizcaya Investment Summits.  At the gathering we also looked back on the Harvester Trust’s journey and mapped out the goals for the next 3-5 years. The Harvester Trust represents the business and philanthropic legacy of the International Harvester Company; So Vizcaya is a great place to do all this as it was built by one of the company’s founders.

We aim to feature the Vizcaya Investment Summit as the exclusive investor meeting of a whole network of sector conferences called, not surprisingly, the Tribune Forum—after the great Chicago media company that shares our DNA. The Forum will have a broad focus on healthcare, environment, technology, finance, energy, real estate, and other robust sectors ripe for digital marketing and publication.  We’d love to hear about the kinds of speakers and companies you would most want to hear from. For the investors who get more involved early on, we look to give them privileged access. 

With 2020 just around the corner, we’re planning an action-packed forthcoming agenda for the Tribune Forum in addition to the Vizcaya Investment Summit.  We’re excited about bringing together a world-class community of global C-suite executives, political and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, and students under one roof to maximize impact and drive innovative outcomes—all to be highlighted through the media. In short, we’re on the brink of not only a new decade, but also a new era for building collaborations—one marked by continued growth, sustained impact, and greater positive influence. 

I know that everyone at the Vizcaya Investment Summit and the Tribune Forum would be honored to have your involvement.  We’ll be sending out more information in the New Year and I would love to hear from you with any thoughts, ideas, or comments in the meantime. 

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support!



Sargent McCormick

Director, Harvester Trust
Sargent M. McCormick

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