Wave of New SPACs Capture the Attention of Family Offices Eager to Capitalize on the Latest Investment Trend

Wave of New SPACs Capture the Attention of Family Offices Eager to Capitalize on the Latest Investment Trend

Palm Beach, FL – (February 18, 2021) – The boom in SPAC investing has captured the attention of leading family offices who view these new blank check companies as a novel new way to raise money without suffering through the time-consuming process of listing on the stock market. For wealthy investors, SPACs represent a great way to identify and access investment opportunities that might otherwise remain private.

“Due to the coronavirus, we have seen SPACS lead the way in terms of investment opportunities and Family Office Networks is a great force of distribution as well as product for SPACs. If you are forming a SPAC, we can help with deal flow and all other aspects of the business from start to finish through our broker dealer in a fully compliant manner. We’re also a great fit for investing in SPACs with a quick turnaround,” said Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO of Family Office Networks.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, also known as SPACs and as blank-check companies, allow investors to pool resources in a public investment vehicle with the intent to acquire an as-yet-unspecified private operating business. The ultimate goal is to list the private business as a publicly listed entity via the SPAC, which has up to two years to find and close on a targeted company.

“SPACS have been around for decades, but family offices only recently have jumped on the bandwagon full force. Some 200 SPACs launched in 2020 following just 52 SPAC launches in 2019 so clearly there’s an upward trend. Family offices are always eager to identify new ways to invest capital and SPACs are exceedingly popular these days,” said Schneider.

FON will be hosting a webinar on SPACs and is seeking qualified experts to present.

To learn more about family office investment opportunities in SPACs and how FON can customize solutions for you, contact Andrew Schneider at [email protected]

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