We Know Family Offices Because We Are a Family Office. We Know Family Businesses Because We Are a Family Business.

The Beringer Group (TBG) formed our family office in 2001, shortly after our liquidity event. Prior to our liquidity event we operated a business that helped business owners determine if they should keep or sell their practice. We have assisted over 1,000 family-owned companies solve that very complex issue. We continue today with both family office consulting and helping family-owned businesses solve their issues.
Before forming our family office, we did a complete evaluation of vendors and solutions. We came across world class providers who had the same answer, “Outsource it all to us!” We found this self-serving and impractical for our unique situation.

It was clear to us that independent and objective advice was missing from this industry. Utilizing our own experience, we began offering a study to other families determining whether a family should insource or outsource their family office functionality. Since no family is alike, no answer is ever alike! Because we actually operate our own family office, our views are aligned with the families that we serve.

We do believe that every family office will need a customized service platform as well as tackling six universal risks:

• Asset protection
• Strategic planning, including estate and tax planning
• Investment management
• Fee/expense management
• Distribution management
• Exponential growth of family members

How each family manages their service platform and tackles those risks should be unique and specific to that family.

Our greatest value add is independent advice. We look at these problems through the same lens as our clients. We think through these problems like our clients think through these problems, with specific industry-based expertise.

Please email Chris Beringer at [email protected] if you want to discuss your family office or business.

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