What is Spectrum BRIDGES and why invest?

What is Spectrum BRIDGES and why invest?

Spectrum BRIDGES is a new for-profit, education and workforce development platform founded by the experts at Spectrum Works, an experienced non-profit provider of autism services for individuals and companies since 2013. Spectrum BRIDGES promises to revolutionize the U.S. employment landscape for autistic individuals and supportive companies in as little as three years.

Spectrum BRIDGES secured initial funding from its founder Spectrum Works and strategic partner the Center for Discovery, Innovation and Development, an initiative of Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH). CSH, an affiliate of RWJ Barnabas Health system, is an active caregiver network serving 10,000 autistic children. With these initial funds, a demo version of the Inform, Educate, and Plan sections of the platform have been developed. Spectrum Works and its partners are seeking an additional capital raise of $400,000 in philanthropic support or social impact investment by June 2022 to continue building the Spectrum BRIDGES platform. This funding will be used for continued IT development of the Connect, Build & Manage, and Communicate sections of the platform, content development, staffing, and marketing. This investment will allow donors and investors to make a significant social impact while being part of a game changing and essential business start-up.

Spectrum Works knows what it takes to build workplaces that are inclusive of young adults with autism, which makes them the ideal organization to create Spectrum BRIDGES.

There are 5.4 million autistic adults in the United States today, and between 700,000 – 1 million autistic teens will graduate from high school in the next 10 years. However, despite their desire to work and great potential to be successful and loyal employees, only 15% of autistic adults are employed. It is clear that companies want diverse, inclusive workforces but they need support to identify, engage, and integrate autistic individuals in their D&I initiatives. Schools and service providers need tools, expertise, and connections to create internship/employment programs in companies for their students. Autistic individuals and their caregivers need support and resources to find, obtain and maintain employment. Spectrum BRIDGES will provide support to all of these players and bridges the gaps that currently prevent the integration of autistic individuals into the workforce.

Using an affordable subscription model, the Spectrum BRIDGES platform will connect companies, high schools, higher education institutions, service providers, caregivers, and autistic individuals around the shared goal of successful employment for neurodiverse people. Platform subscribers will enjoy easy access to relevant educational materials, time-saving and personalized resources, and user-friendly tools that foster relationships and empower platform users to meet their goals. The platform will connect each type of user to the right tools and resources at the right time in their journey.

Above all, by combining the proven knowledge and expertise of Spectrum Works and that of other autism experts, with the accessibility and reach of a digital platform, Spectrum BRIDGES will empower young autistic adults to find and keep meaningful employment and serve companies that understand and value their capabilities on a larger scale.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the creation and launch of a life changing education technology platform which will revolutionize the employment landscape for young autistic adults!

To learn more visit:  SPECTRUM BRIDGES | website (spectrumworks.org)

For more information, please contact Ann Marie Sullivan, CEO, Spectrum BRIDGES at [email protected]