Crisis Response Resource Center While every day brings change, BDO is here to help your business – and you – persevere through the current health crisis, prepare for recovery, and once again thrive.

Navigating The Pandemic Tax Implications Webinar Presented By Private Client Services Practice At BDO

Creative tax planning ideas that wealthy individuals and their families should consider amidst the myriad of market and governmental changes we've seen due to COVID-19 will be shared by BDO. Discover how BDO clients are using net operating losses, excess business loss limitations, business succession strategies and other techniques to free up current cash flow and lock-in long term tax savings for years to come. Private Client Services at BDO is a boutique practice within...
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Exro Technologies

Exro Technologies Webinar – The New Brain For Electric Motors And Generators

Exro is changing the future of the world's electric motors and powertrains, with patented technology that gets more from the power that is put into electric motors. Exro adds a brain to electric motors - using intelligent algorithms and its electronic program module (EPM) that communicates directly with an electric motor and powertrain.
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Pelorus Equity Group’s Unique Take On Cannabis Real Estate Lending Webinar

Rob Sechrist, President of Pelorus Equity Group, provides an in depth look at the unique take on Cannabis Real Estate Lending that is empowering operators through their "Value-add" bridge mortgage REIT lending platform. Pelorus was formed in 2010 and since then has funded over $1B in value-add real estate transactions, recently converting to a Mortgage REIT in 2020 to provided an additional 20% in tax savings Exro adds a brain to electric motors - using...
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Verijet Personal Private Aviation

VeriJet Personal Private Aviation Webinar

Richard Kane, Founder of VeriJet, explains what personal private aviation is and how incredibly relevant it is today. Richard will talk about the advantages of VeriJet and why it was an excellent concept that is now even stronger than planned. Richard and his team will also go into opportunities for Family Offices to get involved in the company as a partner or passenger.
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Lt. Cmdr. Steven Rogers National Intelligence Briefing

A National Intelligence Briefing With Lt. Cmdr. Steven Rogers & Engineered Tax Services Webinar

Please join the Family Office Networks Global Community for a National Intelligence Briefing webinar from Steve Rogers. Julio Gonzalez and Michael D'Onofrio will be hosting and bringing perspective from unprecedented new tax directives and real estate advantages.
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Orange Grove Bio

Orange Grove Bio Pre-Clinical Development Opportunity

Orange Grove Bio (“OGB”) is a preclinical drug development platform focused on driving down the cost of drug discovery and advancing therapies into clinical trials. They are partnered with leading universities to license transformational medicines. Orange Grove Bio and its university partners streamline the licensing process to speed up the development process to get drugs to market faster and to save time on-patent.
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