Present A Webinar To Our Members

Family Office Networks is expanding its Family Office Webinar Series to meet increased demand from its family office members who continue to seek favorable investment opportunities and insights on business best practices in a volatile market.

In addition to hosting webinars on private deals, webinars are also popular among attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers and other firms seeking to access family offices that are often difficult to reach. Since family offices are currently re-evaluating their portfolio, systems and outside teams, it is an ideal time to get in front of key decision makers who are dedicated to business continuity – even during this time of massive disruption.

Webinar hosts receive one-on-one training from FON’s dedicated team to setup the webinar for them and train them on how to use the software in the days prior to the event. A team member is always on hand at the start of the webinar to assist in launching it and will remain on for the duration to answer any questions that may arise. The presenter also will have one or both of our phone numbers to communicate silently via text messaging to answer those questions.
Family office investors who sign up to participate are able to ask questions via chat which are typically addressed by the presenter at the conclusion of the presentation. Attendees receive a video of the webinar the day after along with any handouts and webinars are also hosted on the FON website.

Tierra Verde – Cannabis Investing 101

Join the Family Office Networks Webinar Series Featuring Tierra Verde. Jose Torres, CEO will give a high-level overview on merging disruptive specialists under one cohesive process to increase chances of survival rates when bringing product into market. Building a Diverse Portfolio of Innovative, Cannabis Brands/Companies through Development, Investment, or acquisition is the future of M & A.
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ART Value & Momentum in a $1 Trillion Dollar Industry

This exclusive webinar will inform and inspire leading Family Offices to be a part of the Art Revolution. The LATAM Art Fund founder, Paul Hollingworth will be presenting on the Latin American Art Opportunities. The fund focus is mainly on established “liquid” artists with a proven auction history and a low coefficient of variation, as well as “active” emerging painters with a more limited but tangible auction history. ART offers investors a low volatility, low-correlated,...
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Segment Wealth Management – How to Invest for After Tax Results

Family Office attendees will benefit from hearing author and 36-year investment industry veteran, Gil Baumgarten, speak on tax efficiency, cost control, ETFs, and his own journey from broker to fiduciary advisor. After 25 years in the brokerage business, Gil decided his client advocacy model was in great conflict with the fee-hungry brokerage ecosystem. So in 2010, he started his own fee-only RIA, Segment Wealth Management. Segment now advises on over a billion dollars of client...
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Outlook – The Opportunity Zone for Creativity

Please join the Family Office Networks Webinar Series Featuring the Outlook Company. The Outlook Company is a Baltimore based new media company creating intellectual property by deploying technology for storytelling and pop culture content for the youth market in film, tv, gaming. Outlook’s CEO Trevor Pryce, a retired NFL Player turned writer / producer / creator for Disney, Netflix, and The New York Times will be sharing the details of his Opportunity Zone investment that...
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MiddleMarch Partners – Going Green The Future of Recycling

Join our exclusive family office investor webinar event to learn more about Project Green Loop! Yard waste recycling converts leaves and grasses into organic compost that can replace chemical fertilizers in agricultural settings. Recycling of yard waste is required in 20 states by law, and it helps capture carbon from our environment. Recycling is a profitable activity that can produce healthy returns for investors interested in ESG investments. Project Green Loop Investment Opportunity Project Green...
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CRP – Seizing the Opportunities of Change, Helping the World Adapt to a Post Covid World

Join the Family Office Networks Webinar Series featuring the COVID Response Partners.  In January of 2020, America’s first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Seattle. As the virus spread and the gravity of the situation became apparent, our founder recognized it would take more than government intervention to manage the pandemic and get businesses back to work. As the pandemic continues to rage, it has led to the loss of countless businesses, jobs, and...
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The Panther Group – Venture Capital for Growth Stage Cannabis Companies

Join Our Exclusive Family Office Investor Event to learn more about The Panther Group. Family Office Attendees Will Benefit from High-Level Insights. The Panther Group: -Venture capital consulting group preparing growth-stage cannabis companies for long-term, profitable success. -Advising companies with notable traction in the cannabis industry -Access to capital, leads, and digital advertising solutions. The Panther EcoSystem: -Extensive web of over 6K cannabis professionals. -Network that spans to more than 20 sectors of the cannabis...
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Family Wealth Leadership – Generational Wealth Dangers!

Join Family Office Networks and Family Wealth Leadership to learn how your family can avoid the historical fact of 70% of wealth being lost when it transitions to the next generation and gone in three generations.
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Trevian Capital: Bridge Lending Strategy – Monthly Current Income, Downside Principal Protection, and Diversification

Join Our Exclusive Family Office Networks Investor Event to learn more about Trevian Capital. Trevian Capital is an established company that has been originating and servicing first-mortgage bridge loans on multifamily and commercial real estate throughout the US since 2013, accounting for approximately $550,000,000 in loans across 67 transactions in 18 states. Trevian's strategy provides investors with current monthly income from first-mortgage bridge loans targeting net return to investors of approximately 10% annually. Trevian believes...
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