Present A Webinar To Our Members

Family Office Networks is expanding its Family Office Webinar Series to meet increased demand from its family office members who continue to seek favorable investment opportunities and insights on business best practices in a volatile market.

In addition to hosting webinars on private deals, webinars are also popular among attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers and other firms seeking to access family offices that are often difficult to reach. Since family offices are currently re-evaluating their portfolio, systems and outside teams, it is an ideal time to get in front of key decision makers who are dedicated to business continuity – even during this time of massive disruption.

Webinar hosts receive one-on-one training from FON’s dedicated team to setup the webinar for them and train them on how to use the software in the days prior to the event. A team member is always on hand at the start of the webinar to assist in launching it and will remain on for the duration to answer any questions that may arise. The presenter also will have one or both of our phone numbers to communicate silently via text messaging to answer those questions.
Family office investors who sign up to participate are able to ask questions via chat which are typically addressed by the presenter at the conclusion of the presentation. Attendees receive a video of the webinar the day after along with any handouts and webinars are also hosted on the FON website.

Lake Nona Performance Club – Promoting Investments in Integrated Wellness Through Strategic Partnerships

Join the Family Office Networks’ Webinar Series featuring The Lake Nona Performance Club. Under construction and scheduled to open in July 2021, the Lake Nona Performance Club (LNPC) in Orlando will be one of the most thoughtfully curated and all-inclusive health and wellness centers in the nation. It provides a tailored approach to whole-person health for members of all ages and skill levels and empowering participants to overcome injury and disease. The 130,000-square-foot center will redefine the fitness center experience for the region...
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Equinox Partners – 10 Rules for Investing in Gold Mining

Join the Family Office Networks’ Webinar Series featuring Equinox Partners.   Gold has proven to be a liquid, uncorrelated asset ideally suited for the current era of uncertainty. With extreme valuations in U.S. equities, very low interest rates, and experimental central bank intervention, the tailwinds for gold are significant. At the same time, precious metals miners are trading at low valuations coupled with a scarcity of active managers willing or able to pick stocks after a prolonged bear market. Equinox...
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OXIO Health: US Healthcare Segment

Join the Family Office Networks community and the management team from OXIO Health, Inc. (OXIO) as they discuss solutions to the current healthcare crisis and the multiple opportunities they have created with industry leadership that brings an outstanding investment opportunity with High Societal Impact. OXIO is the parent company of an initial group of five (5) innovative and relational companies that are poised to enter the market in Q4 2020 to address a number of...
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Medical Synergies – Naturally Boosting Immune Systems to Combat Disease

Come Join the Family Office Networks’ Webinar Series featuring Asalyxa Bio. Asalyxa Bio’s elegant technology platform enables targeted delivery of therapeutic compounds directly to neutrophils, a key immune cell with relevance to various acute diseases/conditions including COVID-19. This platform is ideal for a variety of diseases where treatments are limited or do not exist.
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Diversifying your Cancer Immunotherapy Investments with B cell Activation Approaches

Background on Company Novel scientific insights to unlock the full potential of B cell therapeutics Range of treatment opportunities for cancer immunotherapy and B cell-driven rare diseases Lead program, AT-1965, advancing toward IND and initiation of solid tumor clinical study in 2H2020 Positive pre-IND interaction with FDA; alignment on 2020 IND submission and clinical initiation for AT-1965 Collaborative team with leadership across all biotech disciplines; premier scientific advisors and leading entrepreneur backers Financing underway to...
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Hemptown USA: Building the Procter and Gamble of the Cannabinoid Industry

Join the Family Office Networks Webinar Series Featuring Hemptown USA. Eric Gripentrog, CEO will discuss hemp derived cannabinoids, including CBD and CBG, and the platform that Hemptown USA has built for industry consolidation and integration. Hemptown is a leader in cultivation with a Fortune 500 management team, including leadership from Kellogg and Intel. It is one of the largest producers of CBG globally. Hemptown USA has generated $17.6 million in revenue for 2019 and closed...
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How Family Offices Can Partner with Venture Firms and Corporates for Enhanced Returns

Come Join the Family Office Networks Webinar Series featuring Impact Venture Capital. Eric Ball, General Partner with Impact will lead a panel discussion that will include Michael Beaudoin of Mark IV Capital and Victoria Cheng of Citi Ventures. Impact Venture Capital is an early-stage firm that partners with top corporate venture arms to invest in applied AI. After a successful Fund I, it is currently raising a $50 million Fund II. What you will learn...
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Limitless Creativity The Future of Color Formulation

Come join the Family Office Networks Webinar Series Featuring CLICS. CLICS is the first digital hair color studio for stylists and pay per dispense color service for salons. Charles Brown, CEO will discuss the future of color formulation with millions of designable and repeatable colors using the Neural Net Al Solution.
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Reprogramming the Course of Cancer and Diabetes

Genprex, Inc is a clinical-stage gene therapy company developing potentially life-changing technologies for patients with cancer and diabetes. Genprex’s technologies are designed to administer disease-fighting genes to provide new treatment options for large patient populations with cancer and diabetes who currently have limited treatment options. What they will learn from this webinar How Genprex is bridging critical gaps in modern medicine by providing new treatment options to patients with cancer and diabetes The Company’s oncology...
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