Family Office Networks Data Distributor Releases Updated Talent Acquisition Search Capabilities

Online Marketplaces – April 2018

The global family data network, Family Office Networks, has recently announced the release of their updated FON Search. This debut is a tributary of The Quest Organization, a new branch that is committed to recruitment of prized talent when it comes to family establishments after over 30 years of dedication to their success.

Additionally, a symposium titled ‘Higher Right – How to Hire Effectively in the Family Office Workplace’ that focuses on modern trends like legal challenges, retention, and more, is being put forward by FON Search in the coming future.

Founder and president Andrew Schneider discussed this, saying, “Our search team includes professionals with backgrounds such as CPAs in the “Big 4″ who can provide clients with meaningful hiring recommendations that are grounded in a thorough understanding of overall business including operations, finance, accounting, risk, compliance, capital raising, taxes and human capital.”

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