The Schneider Family Offices Launches New Site

Global Banking & Finance – August 2014

The Schneider Family Offices launched its new website  The founder and managing partner of the Schneider Family Offices, Andrew Schneider, has been quoted as saying “The site offers daily news updates, beneficial industry events and conferences, unique prospective hedge funds and investment opportunities, real estate information, a detailed list of more than 3,000 Family Offices and Service Providers worldwide and a variety of other beneficial information”.

Over the past several years, The Family Offices industry has been growing exponentially and is expected to continue growing at an increasingly faster rate.  Family offices were originally established in the 1830’s with the well-known J.P. Morgan family and continued to extend to other wealthy families such as the Rockefeller’s of the 1880’s.  Because of the exclusivity and anonymity benefits that the family offices provide, modern day wealthy individuals and their families, like Donald Trump, Oprah, Adam Sandler, George Soros and many more have started their own family offices in order to access better financial services and benefits.

The website allows family offices and their members to view investment reports regarding specialized financial management advisory services that include portfolio management and investments, reporting and record keeping, philanthropic management, multigenerational wealth management, compliance and regulatory assistance, risk management and insurance, life management and budgeting, fleet management and shared asset perks, and training and education.  “The website currently has over 10,000+ users and we expect that to grow exceedingly quickly within the next few weeks as a result of the new site launch.” added founder Andrew Schneider.

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