Anand Singh is Managing Director of the Beverly Hills Family Office Association, an organization that provides information, opportunities and investment resources to substantial families, individuals and the top advisors who serve them in Beverly Hills, California.

Mr. Singh also serves as Managing Director & Founder of Jai Capital Advisory. Through Jai, Mr. Singh has initiated and managed over 300 transactions in Technology, Media, Telecom (TMT), Mining & Hard Assets (MHA), Real Estate, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Alternative Energy, and other diverse areas of over $6 billion.  He has led several cross-border roll-up initiatives in technology, telecom, irrigation, mining, and natural gas.

Mr. Singh also advises both government and industry for structure and implementation of several large government initiatives. Prior to Jai Capital, Mr. Singh was founder and CEO of Applied Cyber Technologies; a fully integrated technology and outsourcing group. The group owned and operated an outsourcing/call center in Mumbai, India, a software development company and a call center training company in New Delhi, India, a multi-million-dollar hardware reseller, a tier 1 data center, and management & technology consulting services company in Hauppauge, NY. Mr. Singh group revenues have increased from $0 at startup to over $500 million+ in 2004 & 2005.

Prior to this, Mr. Singh was a Commercial Banker at HSBC where he was Senior Vice President & Team Leader. During his tenure in banking, Mr. Singh held positions in Business Development, Credit Underwriting, Risk Management, and Branch Management. Mr. Singh was Credit Trained at Citibank, and received his Middle Market Credit Training, and Risk Management Training, at HSBC. Mr.

Singh serves as a Director for a charitable trust in India which provides education and scholarships for primary and higher education. He has served on Board of Directors and Advisory Panels for several Companies. He has also been guest speaker at several Educational and Business Events. Mr. Singh lives in Southern California with his wife and child. He is a member of the Rotary Club and United Methodist Church.

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