When Sticks and Stones Break Your Bones, Ultrasound Will Heal You

When Sticks and Stones Break Your Bones, Ultrasound Will Heal You

For many people who suffer from cancer or other chronic illnesses, delayed bone fracture healing is an extremely unpleasant “new normal” that can lead to pain, unnecessary surgery, infection, amputation, and even death.

Just like the kind used in pregnancy exams, ultrasound can accelerate bone fracture healing, with an impressive (90%+) rate of success. In fact, ultrasound is by far the most convenient and effective technology for healing fractures, particularly stubborn fractures that take longer to heal or don’t heal at all. 

While ultrasound devices for healing bones have been around for over 40 years now (the very first device was approved in 1994), the technology has not advanced into a cost-effective, first-line treatment. The current FDA approved device on the market in the United States uses old techniques and retails at thousands of dollars per unit, which is frequently not reimbursed by insurance. This is a huge problem for the seven million people in the US who break bones each year, and it is worse for those who are disproportionately affected by delayed healing due to a compromised vascular system.

An up-to-date ultrasound device for bone fracture healing is long overdue. Sonogen Medical has addressed this challenge by creating a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound fracture healing device that promises far better outcomes for fracture patients than any existing device on the market today, at a significantly lower price point. The Sonogen device will get patients back on their feet faster, and will dramatically reduce the costs, risks, and pain of undesirable outcomes.

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