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As the largest community of Family Offices in the world, we provide a platform for families to find suitable co-investors and co-investment opportunities. Our firm knows that at the core of every Family Office is a successful company. We believe that this is the best possible pool of transactions our families can review and draw from.


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On a quarterly basis, Family Office Networks compiles the intelligence it’s gathered from our weekly surveys as well as provides thought leadership information to our families.


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Family Office Networks works with a select group of real estate funds to help them raise visibility within the fast-growing family office sector. Our relationships are unsurpassed and we understand the complex needs of substantial families seeking to invest in the dynamic real estate industry.


SCN's Julia Sun sits down with Andrew Schneider, the founder & CEO of Family Office Networks, to discuss the Family Office community he has built.

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The establishment of a family office is a major undertaking and there have been cases when family offices have not met the family’s expectations.

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From left: Lester Crown, his wife, Renee, daughter-in-law Nancy and son Steven Photo: Erik Unger CROWN Lester, 88 Renee, 84 A. Steven, 61 James, 60 Susan, 55 William, 50 Defense

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