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As the largest community of Family Offices in the world, we provide a platform for families to find suitable co-investors and co-investment opportunities. Our firm knows that at the core of every Family Office is a successful company. We believe that this is the best possible pool of transactions our families can review and draw from.


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Family Office Networks works with a select group of real estate funds to help them raise visibility within the fast-growing family office sector. Our relationships are unsurpassed and we understand the complex needs of substantial families seeking to invest in the dynamic real estate industry.

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SCN's Julia Sun sits down with Andrew Schneider, the founder & CEO of Family Office Networks, to discuss the Family Office community he has built.

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Family Office News

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News / November 28, 2017

How can I protect my family office from cyber-attacks?

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News / November 28, 2017

What Family Offices Should Know About Investing In Initial Coin Offerings

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News / November 20, 2017

A Great Example of Entrepreneurship from the Grandest of Families

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News / November 20, 2017

Asian Billionaires Outnumber US ones for First Time

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News / October 05, 2017

Technology & Operations Trends in Wealth Management 2017

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News / October 04, 2017

Earning $2 Million A Year Running A Single-Family Office

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News / October 03, 2017

The Pillars of Effective Ultra High Net Worth Prospecting

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News / October 01, 2017

Tony Robbins reveals 3 tips that made him a megamillionaire

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News / September 29, 2017

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer: Is Your Family Office Prepared?

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News / September 28, 2017

Why Many Single-Family Offices And The Super-Rich Are Engaging In 'False Flag' Business Dealings

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News / September 26, 2017

As Wealthy Millennials Take Control Of Family Fortunes, Impact Investing Is Set For A Big Boost

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News / September 24, 2017

Family Offices Anticipate Change

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News / September 23, 2017

Benefits of Investing in Emerging Managers

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News / September 20, 2017

Family Office Chiefs Grow Richer

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News / September 19, 2017

Inheriting The Single-Family Office

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News / September 16, 2017

Family offices reap better returns in 2016

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News / September 15, 2017

Irwin M. Latner Speaks with Asset TV on Focus Areas of the SEC and How Asset Managers Can Find More Success

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News / September 13, 2017

Hedge funds may lose this tax loophole, but they don't care

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News / September 12, 2017

The Three Quants In Their 20s Running A Hedge Fund Making $1 Billion Of Trades Daily

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News / September 10, 2017

What Should You Do About the Equifax Breach?

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