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As the largest community of Family Offices in the world, we provide a platform for families to find suitable co-investors and co-investment opportunities. Our firm knows that at the core of every Family Office is a successful company. We believe that this is the best possible pool of transactions our families can review and draw from.


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Family Office Networks works with a select group of real estate funds to help them raise visibility within the fast-growing family office sector. Our relationships are unsurpassed and we understand the complex needs of substantial families seeking to invest in the dynamic real estate industry.

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SCN's Julia Sun sits down with Andrew Schneider, the founder & CEO of Family Office Networks, to discuss the Family Office community he has built.

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Family Office News

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News / August 11, 2017

Healthcare IT News: Comparing 11 Top Telehealth Platforms – Company Execs Tout Quality, Safety, EHR Integrations

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News / August 10, 2017

China’s wealth managers join forces to tap family office growth

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News / August 9, 2017

Why there’s never been a better time to sell a family business

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News / August 7, 2017

Ex-Millennium trader Langlois preps new hedge fund

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News / August 6, 2017

Europe Turns Hedge-Fund Hotspot as Economic Growth Picks Up

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News / August 5, 2017

Trump Praises the Stock Market at 22,000 That He Said Was a Bubble at 18,000

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News / August 4, 2017

Why Today’s Family Offices are Different

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News / August 3, 2017

The Appeal Of Family Offices To Successful Family Business Owners

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News / August 2, 2017

Choosy Family offices explore ‘co-investment’ option

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News / August 1, 2017

Hedge funds regain lustre as assets hit record high

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News / July 30, 2017

Hedge funds’ active positioning in crude oil

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News / July 28, 2017

Crash in bond markets, Fed mistake are investors’ biggest fears right now, survey finds

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News / July 26, 2017

Hedge funds regain lustre as assets hit record high

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News / July 25, 2017

Middle East sees a rise in family offices

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News / July 24, 2017

Uber could one day end up like Yahoo

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News / July 22, 2017

Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions

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News / July 21, 2017

Family Office C-Suite Salaries Rise, Bonuses and Benefits Steady

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News / July 20, 2017

Cybersecurity for Family Offices: Q&A with the director of the Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank

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News / July 19, 2017

A massive hedge fund that shut itself to outsiders is crushing it

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News / July 18, 2017

U.S. stock market will likely top out in the next three weeks