Client Spotlight: Verthermia Acquisition Inc. – Advancing hyperthermia in the treatment of terminal cancers

Verthermia Acquisition Inc. – Advancing hyperthermia in the treatment of terminal cancers

Metastatic cancers have a dismal long-term outcome that has not changed significantly – despite the “War on Cancer” initiated by President Nixon in 1971. Symptoms typically are vague and nonspecific, dependent upon what organ systems are affected. Cancer is a disease of  DNA-expression which has been the major research focus and has done much to advance our knowledge of human biochemistry; however, successful therapies for metastatic cancers have been limited. Verthermia Acquisition, Inc. is changing projected outcomes for metastatic cancers.  

Verthermia’s approach is proving successful with two FDA Phase-1 clinical trials completed with patients suffering from end stage lung and ovarian cancers. The most significate outcomes of the trials were the statistically significant positive impact on increased life-expectancy and quality of life as shown in the graph below resulting from a Phase-1 Clinical Trial on Ovarian Patients who had been referred for hospice care.

The (HEATT®) process’s benefits included, but were not limited to, prolonged life, increased patient vigor and well-being, stimulation of the patient’s immune system, and destruction of blood-born metastatic cells.

Verthermia® leads the industry with its patent-pending technology, recognizing that a different approach should be utilized to exploit the inherent vulnerability in cancers. The company’s focus is based on the century-old research of Wm. B. Coley who demonstrated that heat, properly applied, had therapeutic effects on tumors. Verthermia® has spent 30+ years studying and developing its proprietary Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATTâ) process, which exploits the cancer cell, the tumor, the tumor’s environment, and the metastasizing cancer cell’s travels via the blood stream. By raising the patient’s whole-body temperature to 42° Celsius, while keeping the blood flow moving throughout the body, cancer cells are destroyed. During the procedure, patients’ body functions are closely monitored to ensure safety to body-systems while exposed to heat. After the tumors are destroyed, the HEATT® process effectively removes the toxic by-products resulting from the procedure, returning the patient to improved quality and longevity of life.

“We’re confident that our HEATT® Technology has a promising future as an effective therapy in patients with end-stage life threatening cancers,” said Jospeh Zwischenberger, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Verthermia®. “It’s important to note that our patient survival rates are based on patients who were in hospice or hospice eligible with very little time left to live as well as a reduced quality of life. Our procedure is not chemical, it is heating and rebalancing the body’s natural chemistry.”

Verthermia® intends to begin treating patients under the Right to Try Act in early 2021.

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