Boardwalk Hospitality Fund Launches New Fund Led by Experienced Real Estate Entrepreneur Domenick Pisciotta

Boardwalk Hospitality Fund Launches New Fund Led by Experienced Real Estate Entrepreneur Domenick Pisciotta

PALM BEACH, FL – January 31, 2020 – Boardwalk Hospitality Fund today that it is accepting investments into a targeted $30 million Fund that will invest in off-market, under-valued and distressed hotel and resort development properties located in the Northeast United States. The Fund will acquire real estate assets and then add value by developing each project in a general contractor role.

Each of the properties that the Boardwalk Hospitality Fund acquires will have substantial built-in equity and the potential to generate strong cash flow over time in order to provide investors with consistent returns on the real estate investments without the need to actively participate in the renovation and management process.

Fund Manager Domenick Pisciotta was born in Switzerland and has 25 years of experience working as a real estate and finance entrepreneur. During his career he has owned, managed, renovated and sold mixed-use, commercial and residential, including ownership and management of 100+ commercial, specialty and residential units. In the past 15 years his group shifted its focus to hotels and has built 25 hotels in the Northeastern United States and Canada. 

“Our focus and experience in hotel building, along with our in-house team of construction and support positions, allow us to develop properties very quickly and at a discount. Our past performance with various selling sources allows us access to off market and undervalued deals and strong relationships with the hospitality groups insures that we will get the best flag for the project which in turn will increase the end value of the project,” Pisciotta said.

“We target 11% net IRR returns to our network of active family office investors who increasingly come to us as a trusted resource for identifying and vetting real estate opportunities. An added benefit is that many of these families have their own real estate empires and are in touch, on-the-ground in their local markets with many prime, off-market deals,” said Peter Apostol, President of Family Office Networks.

To learn more, contact Peter Apostol at [email protected].

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