IndexIQ 2020 Mid-Year Update: Volatility, Vaccines, & Voting

IndexIQ 2020 Mid-Year Update: Volatility, Vaccines, & Voting

We began the year in our 2020 outlook anticipating an “Era of Choice and Change” and while some  themes have delivered, COVID-19 and the scale of the disruption it brought to our global social, economic, and public health systems was certainly not on our horizon.

While we’ve all been watching the headlines for a resolution to the pandemic and a return to “normalcy”, as we prepared our mid-year update we took a closer look into some of the major investment themes and market events during the first half of the year: 

·     The disconnect between the markets and the economy

·     How liquid alts saw less downside participation

·     What the Fed’s bond purchasing program meant for ETFs

In regards to the remainder of the year, our ongoing global health crisis and another controversial and unconventional election cycle are likely to contribute to continued market volatility.  

For more, read our full update: Volatility, Vaccines, & Voting