OXIO Health, Inc. – Impacting Healthcare Transformation

OXIO Health, Inc. – Impacting Healthcare Transformation

OXIO Health, Inc.® (OXIO®) has been carefully developed and designed to produce a material impact on the U.S. healthcare delivery system, by achieving significant reductions in healthcare cost, while driving an increase in quality of care and patient access to care. Today, healthcare remains the largest single global industry, consuming 18% of USA GDP, with forecasts of 5% Compound Annual Growth Rate for the next decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a true “Black Swan” event in the healthcare industry. The changes needed to recover and transform our U.S. healthcare system will cause a time compression; changes that would have taken 10 years will likely happen now in 10 quarters.

In late 2016, it became clear, with decades of experience, that most of the “new healthcare” companies and solution providers were built around a single product or service rather than taking advantage of available synergies in complementary technologies and processes. If properly combined, this could yield innovative solutions and material economies of scale. The OXIO management team began identifying critical touch points in the healthcare delivery ecosystem that would benefit most from what became known as “technology-infused healthcare“, and begin building towards the direction healthcare must go in the future. This led to the development of a novel strategy; to create a mass critical portfolio of companies, in a variety of healthcare-related segments, that individually and collectively provide the opportunity to monetize the licensed Intellectual Property (IP) and patents, as well as achieve significant reductions in healthcare cost, while driving an increase in quality of care and patient access to care. That result is, OXIO!

Our true “platform” company, that we believe represents a revolutionary business model is titled, a Distributive Venture Platform(SM (DVP)).  We are borrowing elements from incubators, accelerators, innovation advisors and technology experts, and we are blending these components with venture capital, hedge funds and private equity groups to exclusively focus on the identified key touch points of healthcare. We have created a strategy that will drive innovation in healthcare and implement our multi-patented technology, along with other proven technologies, to produce a lasting impact on quality, patient access and ongoing material cost reduction. Individually, these enterprises address high-level technology opportunities including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, as well as more traditional patient care management including remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. However, by cross-linking products and services between the portfolio companies we will achieve a significant amount of impact and capability. Hence, the “diversity[CL1] ” and the broad market opportunity supported by our licensed Intellectual Property Portfolio that includes 20 issued patents and 19 pending patents. Again, an unprecedented front-line opportunity driven by “technology-infused healthcare.”

OXIO’s platform establishes a new frontier and will lead to the dynamic transformation of healthcare. These enterprises are all synergistically connected and designed to leverage each other’s product(s) or service(s), providing an extraordinary value proposition, while embracing a wide range of risk tolerance.

OXIO will be pursuing the creation of a publicly traded company. We have designed a unique structure that will allow us the flexibility to raise capital at the OXIO level, along with five (5) other majority owned companies, as well as other future pursued subsidiaries. To our knowledge, this DVP has never been attempted before and we believe it very well may become a new “Asset Class.” We view this as an unprecedented opportunity for investors to direct capital at key major healthcare touchpoints, all which are under one umbrella.

Today, we have the team, experience, structure and technology to build and scale these companies rapidly to meet the demands of what we believe is a new healthcare paradigm. We are committed to creating value for our shareholders and intend to continue bringing new innovations to healthcare by adding new services, products, and technologies to the market through our platform.

OXIO is supported by a strong management team with decades of collective experience taking six (6) companies public via IPOs, reverse mergers or direct.  Additionally, we have deep experience in technology and healthcare, combined with a strong intellectual property base and a commercialized Electronic Health Record company called, PWeR, Inc.® These assets alone position OXIO as a strong contender to revolutionize healthcare in the U.S.

For more information, visit OXIOHealth.io or contact Carl Larsen at +1-561-904-9477 ext. # 309 or [email protected].