Present A Webinar To Our Members

Family Office Networks is expanding its Family Office Webinar Series to meet increased demand from its family office members who continue to seek favorable investment opportunities and insights on business best practices in a volatile market.

In addition to hosting webinars on private deals, webinars are also popular among attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers and other firms seeking to access family offices that are often difficult to reach. Since family offices are currently re-evaluating their portfolio, systems and outside teams, it is an ideal time to get in front of key decision makers who are dedicated to business continuity – even during this time of massive disruption.

Webinar hosts receive one-on-one training from FON’s dedicated team to setup the webinar for them and train them on how to use the software in the days prior to the event. A team member is always on hand at the start of the webinar to assist in launching it and will remain on for the duration to answer any questions that may arise. The presenter also will have one or both of our phone numbers to communicate silently via text messaging to answer those questions.
Family office investors who sign up to participate are able to ask questions via chat which are typically addressed by the presenter at the conclusion of the presentation. Attendees receive a video of the webinar the day after along with any handouts and webinars are also hosted on the FON website.

Arterez – Scientific Breakthrough Predict, Prevent and Cure Cardiovascular Disease

Join Our Exclusive Family Office Investor Event to learn more about Arterez. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the world’s leading chronic killer impacting more than one-third of the world’s population. US direct and indirect healthcare costs due to CVD is expected to grow to an estimated $1.5 trillion by 2030. Among the top 150 developing nations worldwide, CVD is the largest health risk and cost. Dr. J.B. Tunac and Arterez believe they have discovered the multi-factorial...
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Corporate Security Solutions, Inc – Cybersecurity Risk, Private Investigations and Due Diligence for Family Offices

Join Leading Family Offices for a Deep Dive into Corporate Security Solutions, Inc. The Corporate Security Solutions team is led by licensed private investigator John Glavin who has 30+ years of experience helping family offices and leading corporations handle complex security requirements. Services include corporate investigations, litigation and legal disputes, due diligence, risk analysis and threat, family issues related to divorce and other domestic issues, background checks, business investigation, cybersecurity, insurance, EEOC, sexual harassment claims,...
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Invest Estonia – Live from the Land of Unicorns

Join Our Exclusive Family Office Networks Investor Event to learn more about Estonia. Estonia is the #1 country in billion-dollar companies (“unicorns”) founded per capita in Europe and #2 globally and leads Europe in the founding of new tech startups. For the last 5 years, its startup sector has grown 30% YoY, whether measured by revenues, jobs created, or fundraising. This trajectory will result in 30% of Estonia’s GDP coming from the tech sector by...
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Cerebri AI – Powering the Personalized Enterprise with AI

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Cerebri AI, a cutting-edge software company. The Cerebri AI CVX platform is an end-to-end AI & data science platform that automates AI processes from data engineering to actions & offers. Cerebri AI combines the power of machine learning and cloud computing to score new customer events in real-time and drive revenue through better engagement, more sales, and lower churn. It represents the fastest way to get to...
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Democracy Investments – Democracy by Influencing Capital Flows in Financial Markets

Join our exclusive Family Office Event to learn more about global trends and The Democracy International Fund ETF (ticker DMCY). DMCY provides an international equity portfolio re-weighted toward democracies and away from authoritarianism leveraging The Economist's Democracy Index. Why attend this webinar? Learn more about DMCY and global trends in the decline of democracies that embrace ideals such as freedom of speech, fair elections, and civil liberties, and the rise of authoritarian states with links...
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TZero – Continuous Private Market Liquidity Through Digital Securities

Join the Family Office Networks’ Webinar Series to learn more about tZERO, a leader in financial innovation and liquidity for private companies. tZERO Group, Inc. and its broker-dealer subsidiaries (tZERO) provide an innovative liquidity platform for private companies, real estate assets, and funds with diverse strategies across a variety of industries and geographies. The company offers institutional-grade solutions for issuers looking to digitize their existing capital table or future capital raises and trade on a...
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Offerd – Data to Deals Multifamily Acquisitions

Join Leading Family Offices for a Deep Dive into Multifamily Acquisitions Outsourcing. Offerd is revolutionizing the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investment market with a unique Third Party Acquisitions model. The company leverages an innovative technology platform, sophisticated data analysis and integrated deal-making services to execute targeted sourcing and drive direct acquisitions. Starting with the multifamily segment, Offerd is committed to powering the buyside of CRE. Building on significant growth in the past six months, Offerd...
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BlackCloak – Protect your Family office and Wealth from Hackers

BlackCloak is a Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform that combines software and services to holistically protect your reputation, finances, and family online. Join leading Family Offices for a deep dive into how to stop hackers that are targeting you for access to your wealth, influence, or company. Take away useful, easy-to-do tips and tricks. And learn how BlackCloak can help you even further.
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Wakefield BioChar – Technology Driven Environmental Opportunity

Wakefield’s experienced founding team has developed a trade-secret process to produce a sustainable, clean carbon from organic waste. Wakefield BioChar's products and services: -Enhance soil health for agricultural and landscaping industries through multiple distribution channels -Replace carbon black, a common petroleum-based feedstock for plastics and rubber -Facilitate post-industrial processing measures that create carbon credit trading opportunities -Contribute meaningfully to reversing climate change Wakefield is rapidly moving from commercialization to sustainable operating levels across multiple product...
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